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Our Team

Team Overview

At San Jose Day Nursery, our team is passionate about serving children.  The Mothers, Educational Director, and teachers all work together to create an efficient and productive environment.  Through their tireless efforts, our establishment excels in every way.  Ultimately, our team aspires to provide an extraordinary experience for every child.

Educational Director
Sister Irene Sheehan
Assistant Educational Director
Ms. K Hunter

San Jose Day Nursery is operated with the gracious work of five nuns from the Congregation of the Mothers of the Helpless. The Congregation was founded in Spain in the year 1875 and has been helping children in New York City for over a hundred years! Now, it has expanded internationally and continues to spread love and care all around the world. The Mothers at San Jose Day Nursery are passionate about helping children from all backgrounds. 

Our incredible teachers are passionate, dedicated, intelligent, and creative. They plan thoughtfully and thoroughly and they  execute flexibly and lovingly in order to provide our students with high quality learning opportunities, a happy and safe environment, and special memories.
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