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Our Mission

Mission Overview

San Jose Day Nursery has been a central part of children’s and families' lives for almost 100 years. We are a Catholic preschool and nursery and are located in the heart of beautiful Chelsea in New York City.  At San Jose Day Nursery, we offer a loving, educational, and joyful environment for children ages one through five.  We follow our founders' mission to help children by providing educational services to support a community of working families.

We design curricular programs based upon students' interests and the latest research on early childhood development. Our programs promote development of learning and thinking skills, curiosity, and creativity while exploring new concepts in authentic and engaging ways. 

We believe that families are a crucial component of each child’s education.  We encourage family engagement and participation throughout the year through various educational and cultural activities. 


Our diverse team represents various languages and backgrounds from around the world. Most teachers are bilingual in English and in Spanish.  All are passionate about providing an enriching, multicultural learning experience.

At San Jose Day Nursery, we provide a strong foundation that will set our students up for success in their educational careers.

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