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Program Overview

Our goal at San Jose Day Nursery is to foster the total development of children ages one to three.  To that end, we create exciting educational opportunities and loving care to children.  They work seamlessly to create a happy and productive environment.  Ultimately, our goal is to give children exceptional memories and skills.  Every child feels safe and happy at San Jose Day Nursery.

School Day
Each day, the children at San Jose Day Nursery participate in a multitude of exciting activities, including arts and crafts, music and movement, singing, story time, hands-on exploration, and learning centers.  Our programming follows monthly themes that are chosen based upon students’ interests.
San Jose Day Nursery is open from September through July. We are closed in August, on national holidays, and scheduled professional development days for our team.

Our building has four bright and spacious classrooms that are designed to meet the needs of its students. Classes are comprised of mixed, but contiguous, ages to maximize academic and social learning opportunities. Each room is divided into interest centers and a meeting area, and has cubby space and an adjacent bathroom. We own a private outdoor patio with a state-of-the-art jungle gym and space to leave strollers and other transportation equipment.

Meal Plan​
San Jose Day Nursery provides one hot meal and two snacks each day. The nutritious, balanced meals are planned carefully to meet nutritional requirements and to accommodate dietary needs. All food is prepared in our kitchen by our cook daily.  We pride ourselves in providing the children with delicious and hearty food to encourage their physical and mental development. Parents love that we serve healthy food, and children love the delicious taste!  Below is a sample meal schedule.


                         Morning Snack            Milk and Kix cereal

                         Lunch                             Milk, lettuce and tomatoes, potato rounds, applesauce, bun, and chicken frankfurters

                         Afternoon Snack         Milk, oatmeal, and cookies



                         Morning Snack            Cranberry juice and whole wheat bread with butter

                         Lunch                             Milk, sweet peas, oranges, spaghetti and meatballs

                         Afternoon Snack         Milk and bananas



                         Morning Snack            Pineapple juice and French toast with syrup

                         Lunch                             Milk, green beans, mixed fruits, wheat bread, grilled American cheese

                         Afternoon Snack         Milk, crackers, and yogurt



                         Morning Snack            Grape juice and bagel with cream cheese

                         Lunch                             Milk, peas and carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, roll, and baked chicken

                         Afternoon Snack         Milk and lemon corn muffins



                         Morning Snack            Milk and cheerios

                         Lunch                             Milk, mixed vegetables, sliced peaches, and macaroni and cheese

                         Afternoon Snack         Milk, Ritz crackers, and vanilla ice cream

Outdoor Playtime
We promote healthy and active lifestyles for the children by including one hour of playtime outside every day, divided between the morning and the afternoon. Our private outdoor space is the perfect place for children to play and explore. The beautiful murals and plentiful toys and equipment create a beautiful, practical space for children to spend time outside. 
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